Changing package info


PUT /packages?trackNumber={trackNumber}

Required GET request parameters:

Parameter Type Description
trackNumber String Package tracking number

Optional POST request parameters:

Parameter Type Description
destinationCountry String (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) Two-letter code for package destination country
departureAddress String Sender's address
destinationAddress String Delivery address
orderId String | Int Order number
recipientName String Recipient name
recipientEmail String Recipient's e-mail
recipientPhone String Recipient phone number
comment String Note for the package

Example of a successful response

The response will return the Package object of the package with updated information.

    "code": 200,
    "payload": {
        "created_at": "2021-07-06T13:46:25+03:00",
        "updated_at": "2021-07-06T13:46:25+03:00",
        "started_tracking_at": "2021-07-06T13:46:25+03:00",
        "track_number": "UA937578848US",
        "origin": null,
        "destination": null,
        "last_status": "Receiving status...",
        "status": -1,
        "checkpoints": [
                "id": "",
                "date": "2021-07-06T13:46:25+03:00",
                "title": "Tracking started",
                "location": "The package most likely isn't shipped yet",
                "latitude": null,
                "longitude": null,
                "courier_id": null
        "last_status_date": "2021-07-06T13:46:25+03:00",
        "est_delivery_date_from": null,
        "est_delivery_date_to": null,
        "extra_track_numbers": [],
        "hash": "f25370e9",
        "consolidated_track_number": null,
        "consolidation_date": null,
        "destination_country_code": "ru",
        "updating": false,
        "last_tracking_date": null,
        "days_on_way": 1,
        "weight": null,
        "extra_info": [],
        "couriers_ids": [
        "courier_id": null,
        "info": []

Error codes possible with HTTP status code other than 400:

Code Description
404 Package with the specified tracking number not found
422 Error validating data sent by POST request