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Import packages from CSV file

Description of the process for importing several packages at once and examples of CSV files for upload.

Text files in CSV format with comma separated values can be uploaded.

The first line of the file should contain the names of the package fields. Each subsequent line should contain a separate package with values corresponding to the names of the columns from the first line.

Required package fields:

Parameter Type Description
trackNumber String Package tracking number
courierId Int Delivery service digital ID. To automatically identify the delivery service, send the value -1.
When a delivery service is automatically identified, 1/5 of the package cost will be deducted from your plan's package limit for each delivery service identification request. So, if you add 5 packages with automatic delivery service identification, your plan package limit will be reduced by 6 packages: 5 packages added + 1 package for 5 automatic delivery service identifications.

Optional package fields:

Parameter Type Description
destinationCountry String (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) Two-letter code for package destination country
departureAddress String Sender's address
destinationAddress String Delivery address
orderId String | Int Order number
recipientName String Recipient name
recipientEmail String Recipient's e-mail
recipientPhone String Recipient phone number
comment String Note for the package

Required additional package fields:

Some delivery services also require additional information in separate columns of the CSV file. Read more in Additional Fields.

Sample CSV file


505010120238,3,ua,Адрес отправления 1,Адрес назначения 1,111111,Имя Получателя,,79999991212,Комментарий 1
80542162976480,4,ru,Адрес отправления 2,Адрес назначения 2,222222,Имя Получателя 2,,79999991213,Комментарий 2
20450427050768,93,ua,Адрес отправления 3,Адрес назначения 3,333333,Имя Получателя 3,,79999991214,Комментарий 3