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API requests

Interaction with the API is only done via the secure HTTPS protocol.


Basic API URL address:


All requests must contain the following mandatory headers:

Accept: application/json

X-Api-Key: {API_KEY}

Read more about the X-Api-Key header in the Authentication section.

Expand related objects

You can expand related objects in the API response if necessary. For example, in the Package model, instead of the property with the delivery service ID (courier_id) that is currently delivering the package, the corresponding Courier object in the courier property will be returned. To do so, add the following header to the request:

X-Api-Expand-Related-Objects: true

Read more about the expandable properties in the documentation sections for each object.

Response localization

To get a response (e.g., a list of package checkpoints) in the desired language instead of the default language, send an additional header in the requests :

Accept-Language: {CODE}

Where {CODE} is a code of one of the supported API languages:

Language code Name
de Deutsch
en English
es Español
fr Français
id Bahasa Indonesia
it Italiano
ja 日本語
ko 한국어
nl Nederlands
pl Polski
pt Português
ru Русский
th ไทย
tr Türkçe
uk Українська
zh 汉语

Limiting the frequency of requests

The API has a limit of 10 requests per second for each API key. If this limit is exceeded, the server will return an unsuccessful response with a 429 code.

On top of that, additional headers with information about the current request frequency status will be transmitted in response to each request:

Header Description
X-Rate-Limit-Limit Maximum number of requests allowed during the period.
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining Remaining number of allowed requests in the current time period.
X-Rate-Limit-Reset Number of seconds to wait before getting the maximum number of allowed requests.